Thailand is aiming to boost bilateral, cultural and economic relations with Morocco, commencing with a spectacular festival which aims to showcase the Kingdom as one of South-East Asia’s premier business and tourist destinations.

 From September 20-23, the Royal Thai Embassy will be hosting the 4-day “Unforgettable Thailand” festival at Morocco Mall, Casablanca, to introduce Thailand to the people of Morocco.

 There will be a feast of cultural delights to savor at the festival, which mark a series of events to illustrate that Thailand is officially seeking to strengthen cultural and economic ties with Morocco.

Smiles, cultural diversity, and economic prosperity – Welcome to Thailand!

Thailand is as famous for its friendly, welcoming people as it is for its wonderful diverse array of food, which will tease and tantalize your taste buds. The “Unforgettable Thailand” festival promises a feast of Thai culinary delights to whet your appetite.

 The festival will also offer an array of demonstrations including mystical Thai dancing shows, where the gracefulness of the slow, rhythmical movements, as well as the beauty of the spectacularly adorned dancers from Thailand, will mesmerize you.

 There will also be Muay Thai (Thai boxing) demonstrations, which will introduce Moroccans to our famed national sport, which already enjoys many followers here. Also be sure not to miss the intricate fruit and vegetable carving displays, and the talented Thai umbrella painters who will showcase their skills.

Strengthening Economic ties between Thailand and Morocco

Morocco’s rapid economic development has raised its global profile, and this stellar growth has not escaped the attention of Thailand, which is formally seeking to increase its presence in the country in order to strengthen cultural and economic ties between the two culturally rich Kingdoms.

To mark Thailand’s intention to increase their presence in Morocco, a high powered delegation from Thailand’s Board of Investment will visit Thailand on September 5 to acquire information about potential investment opportunities in the country, which it hopes will be mutually beneficial to both nations.

These events mark only the beginning of a series of events which Thailand hopes will boost cultural and economic links with Morocco’s 35 million inhabitants.

Come and join us at Morocco Mall from September 20-23, so we can extend to you all our warmest Thai greetings. “Sawasdee ka”.

 Brief Background on Thailand

Thailand is situated in the geographical heart of South-East Asia. Approximately the same size as France, Thailand shares borders with Laos, Myanmar (Burma) and Cambodia.

 Thailand has a population of approximately 54 million people, the vast majority of whom are of Thai ethnicity. However, there are also significant minorities of Chinese, Malay, Khmer and Mons.

 Various hill tribes also reside in Thailand, mainly in the mountainous region in the north of the country, which have their own unique culture and traditions.

For more information on the festival, or to confirm your attendance at the Opening Ceremony on September 20 at  6  pm, please contact… .