UKPROedits offers corporate and individual tailor made packages, which have been proven to improve both English oral and writing skills for students of all levels.

In addition, we provide STYLE GUIDE training, and we also offer our own unique UKPROedits Style Guide book for sale, which includes essential business writing guidelines to help uniform your company’s correspondence. We are happy to provide presentations in which we will demonstrate to your staff members how to best use the Guide book to maximise the benefits, and also provide them with essential business English writing tips.

Although some organisations believe that their current personnel do not require such training, and nor do they require a style guide, it should be noted that business writing trends change frequently, and differ between countries and cultures. Therefore, ensuring that the English standards and writing styles of your staff are uniformly excellent, will also guarantee that all written communication reflects the professionalism and values of the organisation.

International clients and corporations are moving towards to a more modernistic and plain English approach in respect to writing styles, whereby outdated terminology, such as that frequently used by lawyers for example, is being shunned in favour of simple language and clean, concise sentence structures.

In short, clients worldwide are demanding documents and correspondence that are reader-friendly, and do not have them reaching for a dictionary every few sentences. Thus, the company they have engaged has an obligation to meet such demands, or risk losing valuable clientele to other modern, forward thinking corporations.

Why a STYLE GUIDE is invaluable for every organisation.

A style guide adds considerable value to an organisation’s internal and external communication:

  • Saves time – By setting out the format and style required, this will save companies time by quickly providing answers to stylistic questions that frequently occur during the course of drafting any correspondence.
  • Saves Money – By reducing the amount of time spent writing and checking documents, this will enable staff to spend their working hours more constructively and maximise productivity. In addition, it also lowers training expenses, and helps staff to avoid mistakes which could prove damaging and costly to the company.
  • Maintains High levels of consistency – In short, a style guide is invaluable as it helps to promote a uniform style throughout the company, and thus ensures that the writing style is consistent throughout.
  • Ensures a high standard of professionalism – A style guide can assist the company in enhancing its corporate image, by assisting staff to formulate a style that will help them to consistently produce professional and high quality documents, which fully reflect the brand and moral values of the organisation.

Writing corporate style guides is an incredibly difficult and time consuming task. That is why so many corporations work closely with expert consultants, such as ourselves, to draft style guides and to educate their staff.

Whatever your style, or whether you use UK or US English, UKPROedits is happy to collaborate with your corporation to help you maximise the impact of your correspondence.