If your company wishes to make an impact in the cut-throat world of global business, your correspondence, reports, presentations etc. need to transmit your corporate message in a polished and professional manner. UKPROedits can assist your firm in delivering documentation in a powerful and uniform manner, thus maximising your brand identity and corporate presence.

UKPROedits’ team of vastly experienced editors have a minimum of 10 years of editing and writing experience at top global media companies firms  such as Financial Times, Agence France Presse (AFP), and NHK (Japanese broadcasting corporation) etc.

UKPROedits are renowned for excellence in terms of both grammatical perfection and  professional writing standards and style.

Regardless of whether the assignment requires a high level speech which will be delivered to leading global executives or delegates, or a press release for a groundbreaking event or product, UKPROedits consistently delivers results which exceed the expectations of our clients and which achieve the desired impact.

Our prices are highly competitive and usually beginning at around THB 450 per page for a straightforward edit, depending on the deadlines involved. Discounts are available for large projects.

What makes UKPROedits different?

The belief that anyone who speaks English to a reasonable standard must also be able to write to a professional standard is mistaken.

Similar to any other professions, a good editor must undertake  years of training in order to develop a trained eye and a professional writing style and even  then, they may not be commensurate with the standards required by leading global professional firms.

With the advent of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, high quality English standards will become of paramount importance.

Please click on the AEC link on our website for comprehensive details of what the AEC will entail for corporations and individuals in the ASEAN  bloc of countries.

Remember, cheap editors always equates to cheap work and terrible writing standards, which will not only negatively impact the image of your firm, but will also affect you and your professional image. 

In short, if you wish to have quality editing, you need the best editors. UKPROedits only employ quality editors who have worked at major news and media organisations, and who’s work has been published in newspapers and other publications all over the world.

As a result, UKPROedis are able to  provide exceptional articles, press releases, or smooth and professional documentation which meet every deadline.

Naturally, all localisation issues are addressed during our thorough editing process in which every piece of work is edited at least three times, with the final edit carried out by our Senior Editorial Consultant Alan Low.

Join the host of global corporations who already use UKPROedits exclusively for their editing work because they demand perfection.

Monthly editing packages are available whereby companies can send us a specific number of documents for editing every month, for example 50 or 250 pages. Please contact us for package details. 

Please read our testimonials to see what some of our satisfied clients have to say about us.

For further information, please contact alan.low@ukproedits.com or jimmy.byrne@ukproedits.com.