Jim Byrne: Managing Director & Senior Corporate Consultant

Jim Byrne was educated in Cambridge, UK before furthering his studies in Nottingham, where he graduated with first a BA in English and then an MBA in Business.

Jim is a Senior Editor and Corporate specialist for UKPROedits.  Jim has more than 15 years of experience in the business field in the UK. He was formerly an Investment Banker and Sales Director in England, overseeing teams of more than 100 staff members.

His responsibilities included managing high profile sales and marketing campaigns, delivering powerful presentations to corporate powerhouses, and making speeches on a plethora of topics at corporate functions and seminars.

After leaving the UK, Jim became Chief Legal Editor/Professional Development Consultant at a world-renowned law firm in Bangkok, where he edited and drafted legal documents ranging from contracts, to Sales & Purchase Agreements and legal advice, in addition to designing and providing English and professional development courses for lawyers and staff members.

Jim is also an English language specialist and teacher, and is responsible for designing tailor-made English teaching packages for corporate and individual clients that focus on yourspecific needs.

Dr. Alan Low: Co-Managing Director/Senior Editorial Consultant

Alan was also educated in Cambridge, UK during his formative years, before furthering his studies at the University of London, where he earned an honours degree in Political Science and Economics. He gained a further bachelors degree and a doctorate degree (first class honours – GPA 4.0) in Naturopathic Medicine (specialising in Chinese Medicine) from the United States.

Alan is a vastly experienced journalist/editor with more than 15 years of experience in the field. After starting his career in Cambridge as a Political and Economic Analyst, Alan moved on to the Financial Times where he was Web Development/Personal Finance Editor.

Alan then joined Agence France Presse (AFP), a renowned international news agency, where he worked for 4 years as a Foreign Correspondent/Editor at AFP’s Asia Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong.

Alan joined global law firm Baker & McKenzie in Bangkok as a Legal Editor/Professional Development Consultant in 2009.  His duties included editing and drafting all forms of legal documents, and in particular commercial documentation, and designing and providing English training courses (speaking and writing) for B & M staff.

In 2011, Alan joined Tilleke & Gibbins, which is Thailand’s oldest, largest and most prestigious independent law firm, in the role of Intellectual Property Editor. His duties included assisting in editing/drafting all legal documentation and presentations, and writing/editing articles for internal, external and international publications.