Corporate & Legal Translation Specialists

UKPROedits’ team of highly skilled translators have all acquired at least 5 years of translation experience at renowned global firms  such as Baker & McKenzie, Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Morgan Stanley, The Times of London, Financial Times and AFP etc.

UKPROedits pride ourselves on providing highly accurate and succinct translations for all types of documentation at very competitive prices, usually beginning at around THB 650 per page for complex legal translations up to THB 1,000, depending on the deadlines involved.

Generous discounts are of course offered for large projects. Currently, we offer the following languages: English, Thai, Japanese, French, Chinese, Portuguese and Arabic (to French or English).  Other languages are available on request.

What makes UKPROedits different?

UKPROedits understands that translations are not simply about translating documents word-for-word. This is the hopelessly inadequate technique utilised by many “translation” companies, which is why their translations end up sounding “odd”.

Many “translation” companies are simply not equipped to provide adequate translations, because they do not employ qualified or experienced translators, but merely hire cheap labor, or students who have studied overseas for one year,  who lack expertise and subsequently proceed to carry out exceptionally poor translations that provide appalling value for money.

In short, if you wish to have quality translations, you need quality translators.

UKPROedits only employs native Masters Degree graduates as our translators, and therefore, we are able to  provide fast, accurate and succinct translations which address all localisation issues. This includes  adopting all the correct formats recognised in those countries, and removing any potential cultural faux pas, which helps your documentation conform to local requirements, and avoids any conflicts arising with local culture.

Rest assured that UKPROedits can localise all your corporate communication documentation within Thailand, ASEAN and further afield.

Whatever your deadline, or the size of your project, our highly skilled team of multi-lingual translators are diligent, experienced, and ready to meet all your translation requirements.

Join the host of global corporations who already use UKPROedits exclusively for their translation work, because they simply refuse to settle for anything less than perfection.

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