Diaoyu island spat between Japan and China damaging for Asia – UKPROedits

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As nationalistic fervor rises in China following the purchase by Japan of a chain of contentious islands, the territorial spat threatens to have serious and wider implications for political and economic relations in Asia. The protracted dispute over the Diaoyu islands as they are known in China, or Senkaku in Japan, which have been ongoing since a study in 1971 found the uninhabited islands located in the East China Sea may be rich in minerals,...

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8 Tips for writing speeches

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Everyone has heard a speech being delivered at some stage of their lives. Some of these speeches have inspired us, others have amused us greatly, while a few may have reviled or even bored us to tears! Some people are blessed with charisma, and regardless of the topic or situation in hand, they are seemingly able to find the right words to deliver a message that is heard. In a nutshell, being heard is the essential purpose of writing a...

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5 Essential Tips to Improve your Business Writing

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With everyone from CEO’s to filing staff expected to provide almost instantaneous responses via email these days, the importance of writing clear and concise text is becoming increasingly important. How many times have you had to write several follow up emails to explain the original email, when one could, and should, have sufficed? Never fear, we’re here to help!! 1)      Use clean, concise sentences which are easily understandable....

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8 Tips for Doing Business in China

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1) Understanding and respecting the concept of “face” Chinese and some other Asian cultures pay great importance to the concept of “face”. Essentially, this relates to the fact that Chinese value having, and maintaining at all times, a high status level in the eyes of their peers, as this is crucial to their sense of worth and self-dignity. Retaining face is as important in social life as it is in the business sphere. Thus, causing a...

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Asian companies – Are you ready for the Eurozone meltdown?

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Asian companies – Are you ready for the Eurozone meltdown? The Greek legislative elections scheduled for 17 June 2012 could also be D-day for the future of the Euro, and with analysts forecasting the possible withdrawal of Greece from the Euro and the European Union (EU), Asian companies need to prepare for any possible repercussions. Although turmoil in the Eurozone has been rife for several years, the rhetoric pledging unity and aid for...

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