Lost in Translation… Literally!! – UKPROedits

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During our travels, we often find ourselves lost for words… literally. The inability to speak a foreign language sufficiently coherently to make yourself understood to the locals, can often lead to hilarious consequences which can often leave everyone involved in the episode more than a little baffled!! This has often been the case in Rabat, Morocco which was home to us for all of 6 weeks, although it felt longer! With the majority of...

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Diaoyu island spat between Japan and China damaging for Asia – UKPROedits

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As nationalistic fervor rises in China following the purchase by Japan of a chain of contentious islands, the territorial spat threatens to have serious and wider implications for political and economic relations in Asia. The protracted dispute over the Diaoyu islands as they are known in China, or Senkaku in Japan, which have been ongoing since a study in 1971 found the uninhabited islands located in the East China Sea may be rich in minerals,...

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